To protect people and railway equipment against over-voltages, Lenoir Elec has developed PSNP (non-polarized VLD) and PSPL (polarized VLD) Voltage Limiting Devices.

The original design of these VLDs gives them remarkable characteristics:

  • precision,
  • speed,
  • high transferred energy,
  • tripping on a polarity of the voltage or on both,
  • tripping voltage adjustable (pre-set in factory/low or high),
  • adjustable trigger voltage (in factory) low or high,
  • visual indication of operation,
  • operation signal by microswitch (optional),
  • manual reset after operation.
parsurtenseur puissance


Automatically Resettable VLD Box

Lenoir Elec has developed an  « Automatically Resettable VLD Box ». In addition to the voltage limitation function according to standards EN 50122-1 and EN 50526-2, this box allows automatic resetting of the VLD without manual action after the fault current has been dispersed. Reset can also be done manually either locally or remotely.
This box is divided into two compartments. A plexiglass separator isolates the control/command part from the power part. Access to the power section is made after removing the plexiglass panel.

Coffret Limiteur de Tension (VLD) Réarmable Automatiquement

For people protection, standards such as EN 50122-1 (IEC 62128-1), EN 50123-5 (IEC 61992-5) and EN 50526-1 (IEC 62848-1), make this device an essential element as soon as voltages above 50 V or 100 V appear at points accessible to people. The Lenoir Elec PSNP and PSPL over-voltage limiting devices can be used both in circuits supplied with direct current and in circuits supplied with alternating current.