To protect people and railway equipment against over-voltages, Lenoir Elec has developed PSNP (non-polarized VLD) and PSPL (polarized VLD) Voltage Limiting Devices.

The original design of these VLDs gives them remarkable characteristics:

  • precision,
  • speed,
  • high transferred energy,
  • tripping on a polarity of the voltage or on both,
  • fi ring voltage adjustable (pre-set in factory/low or high),
  • adjustable trigger voltage (in factory) low or high,
  • visual indication of operation,
  • operation signal by microswitch (optional),
  • manual reset after operation.

For people protection, standards such as EN 50122-1 (IEC 62128-1), EN 50123-5 (IEC 61992-5) and EN 50526-1 (IEC 62848-1), make this device an essential element as soon as voltages above 50 V or 100 V appear at points accessible to people. The Lenoir Elec PSNP and PSPL over-voltage limiting devices can be used both in circuits supplied with direct current and in circuits supplied with alternating current.