General information

Bar contactors – up to 8500A and 1500 V AC/DC

Lenoir Elec bar contactors are exceptionally modular. All their constitutive parts are easily replaceable and thus offer many possibilities:

  • Assembly of main poles in variable number, with similar or different ratings, with different current nature, of closing or of opening type, with or without mechanical overlapping, with or without magnetic blowout.
  • Assembly of auxiliary contacts in significant quantity, instant normally open or normally closed, with or without overlapping, with blowout (for DC selfic control circuits) or without blowout, delayed on opening or on closing of contactor.
  • Assembly of a mechanical latching with single or double electrical release with or without tripping coil(s) auto-protective system.
  • Possible mechanical interlock with one or several contactors of the same calibre or of different calibre, in vertical position or back-to-back.
  • Possible adaptation of the centre-to-centre distance to the assembly conditions.
  • Possible lock condemnation of the contactor in the open position (Ronis type, Profalux,…)

The qualities of these contactors are numerous: high mechanical electrical and endurance, reliability during intensive use, inductive breaks in AC and DC current and under high power, flexibility of design and in use, extended lifetime, numerous auxiliary contacts,… Such assets allow LENOIR ELEC bar contactors to cover a wide range of requirements which block contactors or power electronics, by design, cannot meet.

Field of expertise

Heavy industry

Lenoir Elec solutions cover all needs range in the heavy industry field: networks, source inverters, sources with simple automation, motor start-up, line contactors, … Lenoir Elec also works in the petrochemicals, industrial glass & extractive industries.


Designed to equip power circuits with voltages from 750 to 1500V, the Lenoir Elec contactors ensure the supply of power for many public transportation networks: Metros, Trolleybuses or Tramways. Designed to ensure extreme operating conditions, these products perform as efficient on fixed installations as on rolling stock.

Power generation

In the power generation sector, Lenoir Elec contactors are used to close and cut the excitation circuits.

Subject to intensive use and extreme conditions, Lenoir Elec contactors assert in this sector with high demands the whole extent of their reliability.

After sales services

Lenoir Elec role is not limited to contactors commissioning. The company permanently holds a significant stock of spare parts that enables it to answer quickly to your after-sales requests.

Lenoir Elec also puts at your service highly skilled and trained technicians capable of handling any servicing on site. Old equipment can also be refurbished in Lenoir Elec factory.

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