Always at the cutting edge of innovation, Lenoir Elec has developed a substitute to cement-asbestos for electrical engineering field: COLOMIX 71 S, a cement-glass composite officially recognised by railway companies (SNCF in France, SNCB in Belgium) and the French national power utility.

Colomix is an asbestos-free thermoelectric insulating material, which can be compared to the cement-glass composite family. It makes machining easier (milling, pumicing, sawing, turning, etc.) and offers physical properties to match conditions of use (high temperatures, mechanical constraints, etc.).
More particularly it is well suited for manufacturing of blowout cages used in circuit-breakers and bar contactors and has outperformed original asbestos-made products (reduced breaking time).

Technical data sheets


In order to bring you the most suited solution, the Insulators department has ambitious means:

  • highly skilled staff
  • an ultra-modern R&D centre
  • High-tech production means (machining centre, NC equipment, CADCAM,…)
  • A metrology unit
  • Compliance with ISO 9001

Our references

Lenoir Elec Insulators department is working for various fields of activity where its innovative solutions are highly appreciated: petrochemicals, glass, foundries, traction, cryogenics, electrotechnics.

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