In 1991, Lenoir Elec decided to develop the manufacture of magnetic blowout bar contactors by taking over the licenses sold by Unelec.

Lenoir Elec asserts its mastery of the bar contactors through the development of innovative products enabling the improvement in technical features and competitiveness.
In order to give an even more efficient answer to its customers, LENOIR ELEC quickly incorporates a unit specialized in designing and manufacturing of railway systems (supply cell, disconnecting box, CIT…) and another one specialized in customer-specific machining of thermal and electrical insulators.

Contacteur CBA 57 B 80
Armoire RATP CMA3200

Today, Lenoir Elec designs and manufactures customised AC and DC power contactors from the study of specification to the commissioning and after-sales.

The synergy of its three departments enables Lenoir Elec to propose global solutions for the most complex projects and to deserve the trust of the most prestigious leading groups.

With the high quality of its products, level of service, flexibility and constant will to bring the most suitable solution, Lenoir Elec strengthens its leading position worldwide and its export sales representing 45% of its turnover.